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Why College Students Should Own A Tactical Backpack

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Is it time to go out and purchase a new backpack for college? What should you be going with? Most would choose regular options that are not going to do much except become cumbersome and frustrating. Here are reasons why college students should be thinking about tactical backpacks.

Provides Ample Space

stuff themThe first reality that will hit home for most college students is the need for space. You are going to have a massive amount of textbooks, notebooks, and course work to carry around. You won’t want to stuff them continually into a locker or in your dorm room. You will want to keep them with you at all times, and this doesn’t even account for your laptop and devices. A tactical backpack has numerous pockets and is sturdy enough to provide support regardless of what is being tossed inside.


These backpacks are meant for survival and therefore are not going to tax the body. You will not be struggling to go up the long set of stairs at the end of a long day. Instead, you will breeze through knowing the backpack is not going to weigh you down and the weight will be distributed evenly across your body. This is perfect for those who want a backpack that is going to be easy on their bodies instead of something that is going to make them groan in pain and frustration. A tactical backpack is a must for this reason alone.

Fits Multiple Roles

It is not just about regular college duties, but about other times when you are going to need the backpack. Whether you are going from one place to another or looking to haul larger items, you will know the tactical backpack is there to provide support. If you are going on a long walk, you will know this backpack can handle it. If you are looking for a survival option, this is the only type of backpack you would ever consider. Why not choose a backpack you can rely on as a student?

For more information about the best tactical backpacks, visit Off The Grid Guru.

Easy To Swing And Use

the backpackAnother feature that is designed into the backpack would be the “swing”. This is the idea of being able to swing it to the front of your body without physically removing the bag. You can make a quick adjustment and access the pockets without dropping the bag down onto the floor. It is convenient and great for students who are always fiddling around with their backpacks looking for items. This ease of use is something that is a big part of the attraction for college students and is an advantage you are going to lap up in the long-term.

Contoured For Support And Comfort

A college student is going to be on the move all day long. They are going to go from one place to another. The one consistency is going to be their backpack. Why not choose something that is contoured and designed for providing support? It is going to latch onto the body and not cause discomfort. This is essential for anyone that is looking to get a backpack in this day and age. A tactical backpack does this and more.

These are reasons all college students should be considering when it comes to getting a tactical backpack. Regular options don’t do justice to a college student’s demands in this day and age. Those who are smart enough to get one of these backpacks will feel comforted by their choice knowing they have ample flexibility and quality on hand. These backpacks are made for those who seek perfection.

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Survive your first day at campus using these excellent tips

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Survive your first day at campus using these excellent tips

Starting a new college life can be a challenging experience, first of all, you’ll be separated from your friend and family, and if you enrolled in a distant college, you would be surrounded by strangers. Your first days will the hardest; that’s why we designed a list of things to help you survive this stressful situation.

Your dorm room door should stay open

As you should know, open door policy is a pretty common thing in college. It’s a fun way to meet new people and to introduce yourself. “Open door” has the same meaning as an inviting resident who likes to talk. If you want to make friend fast, then this is a probably the quickest way.

54f60028eb914_-_01-box-of-stuff-lgn-35519766Deal with your stuff as soon as you can

The only way to avoid being homesick is to move in your dorm properly. Don’t delay this because it’s going to be a real nightmare getting used it afterward. Set up our room immediately and give your parents the empty boxes and suitcases. Your room should feel homey and welcoming and not an empty shell.

Get to know your campus

45704scr_c03f39a2b707ef5Once you finished with unpacking, it’s time to go on exploring. It doesn’t matter whether you will be exploring the facilities where your classes will be or the facilities where you can spend some free time, the important thing is to orient yourself on campus, and you will feel like you are at home.

You shouldn’t spend your first night alone

Whether it’s a party on your floor or some guys are gathering to watch a movie, make sure to be a part of that group. You don’t want to feel isolated and alone because your goal is to meet as many people as you can.

It’s ok not to make any good friends

how-to-choose-good-friends-517x268-PS131220_cah_0617You can’t expect anyone you meet to be your BFF. Through your college experience, you will meet different type of people, some of them will be good, some not so good. Most college students change various groups of people before they settle with the appropriate one. After all, you will have four years to meet wonderful friends.

Your mom may get on your nerves, but let her

Your mom will want to know everything about your new life and she will worry all the time, but let her be, after all, that’s her job, to be a mom. She will want to help you unpack your things and vacuum your room, indulge her because it will be hard for her being separated from you.

You feel nervous, big deal; everyone else is too

16ecff99-71ba-4b12-ad0e-9fdb08b5dff6On the first sight, elder students may seem relaxed, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t freaking out inside. This is a new experience for every student, remember, you are not alone in this mess because everyone else is feeling homesick or worried about making new friends. You will have to be a mentally strong person not to feel all of these.

How to prepare for college?

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How to prepare for college?

Once you have your college applications in the mail, you have signed your last yearbook and the last days of high school seem like a heaven. One thing’s for sure; graduation is here. Even though leaving high school may fill you with endless joy, but as the summer passes the word college may start to ring bells in your head. When people think about college, the first thing that crosses their mind are never ending parties and unique experience that will last for life. But, before the parties and friends come the responsibilities you need to comply so that you can enjoy in college life.

Make sure to bring school supplies with you

You should always be prepared for your first classes and syllabus provides you that. It contains everything you need to know about specific class and what professor demands from you to have. It would be an unpleasant surprise to be hit with a sudden assignment because you didn’t read the syllabus. You will even be able to find it online because the most colleges have it on their web pages. Once you find out which books you will need, visit the college bookstore to purchase them. Or, you can use cost – effective way to purchase your supplies through the internet websites, only pay attention to the delivery time and shipping price. If you know someone who has taken the classes before you, he might be kind enough to borrow you for the semester.

Have your style

College may seem intimidating at the beginning, and you can get the wrong picture. Before you hit the college, you will have no clue what to expect and your personal style is one of the issues. What kind of the influence will it have on other people, or with your professors? What will be your sense of identity? For some, sororities and fraternities have the big influence and help them determine their style. You don’t have to be always prepared in advance, let the college shape.


635886841355255060924628021_Business-Intelligence-and-Management-leadersThe right books, clothes and place to stay won’t prepare you for college, the most important thing for you is to be mentally ready. It is of the high importance to be responsible. Otherwise, you will fall into the same trap many other students before you did. Don’t waste money your parents saved for years to provide you education, wake up on time, go to classes. You will have plenty of time during the weekends for the partying, go to sleep at a decent hour, in that way will be able to wake up in the morning. If you have issues with some classes and you don’t understand them, ask your professor for help, many of them will give you the useful advice.

Believe in yourself and stay motivated

how-to-stay-motivated-at-workCollege won’t last forever, use that time to make something out of yourself because that’s your ticket for better future. Stay motivated and be persistent, if you have a goal, you will be able to succeed.

How should college look like – professor’s tips

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How should college look like – professor’s tips

The first semester is crucial in the process of studying

A large number of students testify about their biggest regret and that’s the first semester. They damaged so much their GPA during the first semester that they spend the rest of the studying trying to recover it. Many factors influence on this: too much time spent in front of the television and parties, parents don’t control them like at home, they expect their professors to be like teachers in high school.

Professors cannot be your teachers

Teachers are specially trained personnel to educate while professors aren’t. They spend their years conducting research, publishing and writing papers and among that teaching students, but that’s rarely their concern. They don’t want to teach them, but to expand their previous knowledge. The most important thing is to interact with a professor, ask him about his research, even the toughest one will break down. If you are interested in that matter, offer him your assistance in the lab, he might even pay you. Use office hours, through office hours; professors measure how much the students are interested in their subject. You may even get the letter of recommendation, and you will have a unique opportunity to hear an expert’s opinion.

Get ahead

July-25_13_How-to-Get-Ahead-with-your-Business-2College classes are much massive and cover more material compared to high school classes. If a student falls behind, it will be much harder for him to make up for the missed. If you want to avoid this situation, then you shouldn’t neglect your starts. Prepare your studying material in advance, before the semester begins, go through few first chapters, find syllabi online and research which material is proper. Staying two weeks ahead through whole semester will give you an excellent initial start. If you fall behind one or two weeks, you can compensate it in the office hours.

Don’t delay your responsibilities

3e03facPutting off your responsibilities may severely damage you GPA. Modern life if full of temptations and combine with a high level of freedom that students get while in college, may put off their career or even stop their studying. If you spend too much time online, use tools to block the sites that distract you. Get rid of technology while studying, avoid TV, don’t study in bed, go to the library. If your major is computer science, use Linux through your first semester.

Keep an eye

Pay attention to your lectures, don’t use your tablets, phones or computers in classes or while studying. If you catch notes on a laptop, shut down wi – fi.

Take care of yourself

Woman-MeditatingDon’t neglect your health; mental health is equally important as physical. Have a regular diet, avoid eating snacks, fast food, too much coffee and beer. Have a regular sleep, without it; you won’t be able to function. The key thing is to stay balanced, to eat healthy food, to sleep well and to exercise to keep your body in shape.

Freshmen’s nightmare, how to make friends in college?

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Freshmen’s nightmare, how to make friends in college?

It doesn’t matter if you are enrolling in a small private school or college, that first couple of days may seem intimidating. If you want to make new friends in college, remember that everyone else are just as scared and nervous as you are. The key thing is to get social as soon as you can before the social circles narrow down.

Here are some tips to help you make new friendships.

Be active and choose one or two clubs to join

This has proven to be one of the easiest and most effective ways to meet new friends who have similar interest like you. You just have to be yourself and don’t be embarrassed to show you true nature. Through a different type of clubs, you will be able to connect with other people on the more personal level. If you are still figuring out how the college works, and you join late, most of the members will be welcoming and show you the ropes. You can choose clubs that are similar to your interest, or you can hit someone randomly. Check online what clubs does your university offers.

Join a sport team

SportsFitnessLister_0012_GOMammoth-Football-LondonSports clubs are a great chance to meet some new people because together you have the same goal. The college offers you a lot of possibilities to choose the sport you like. There will be an audience cheering up for you and there’s going to be a real chance to someone recognize you afterward. If you manage to score few extra points for your club, then the popularity is just around the corner.

Find a job

JobSites.Feat_1Working as a clerk in a bookstore, or as a tour give gives you a lot of possibilities. Usually, this type of position provides connections with a large number of people, coworkers, and customers. When you are looking for a job, choose a facility where a lot of young people and students like to visit. Working in daycare center won’t make you any good.

Use Facebook in your advance

college-students-using-facebookIf you want to be unique, then now it’s not the time. Since we live in the Facebook era, if you don’t have an account, it’s like you don’t exist, so people you meet are likely to remember you if you don’t connect with them through Facebook. You might not be a fan, but still, open an account to stay connected. If you are active on Facebook, you will know the latest trends, and you will know what’s happening among the students. In the same time, you can add the bunch of people you have met recently.

You can always join fraternity or sorority

Not every student is cut to the part of these two, but if you don’t try it, you’ll never know it. This is an epicenter of social life in any college. Some students may be skeptical about sorority and fraternity, but you can make friends here that will last you for life.

Five problems that await you first day in college

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Five problems that await you first day in college

Probably, ever since you started high school, your parents pressed you about your college choice and what are your plans for the future. But now when that day is here, and you are starting your first day in college they don’t want to see you gone.

Once you set up your room, meet some new people, you are still nervous because you don’t know what else awaits you, don’t stress out too much because we will present you five possible scenarios that you still might be able to avoid.

You woke up late

teen-late-for-school-rexImagine the situation; you set up five different alarms to make sure you’d wake up on time for your classes and yet, you still to managed to oversleep and wake up late. Don’t worry; it’s not the end of the world, many professors will understand you because you are a freshman. They all know that freshmen are out of their mind due to a new environment, new obligations, and responsibilities. The way to avoid this type of situation will be, prepare your clothes for the following day and set up your handbag, in case you are late, you only have to hop in in your clothes and grab your bag.

Can’t find the right way to your class

You hurry from your dorm to make on time for classes, you are excited and nervous, your feelings are all over the place and in that fuss you manage to get lost, and you can’t find the right way to your classes. Don’t worry, there is a solution for that, try to find someone who looks older and friendly, ask him politely for directions, just remember that everyone have been in the same situation before you. You can also explore the academic building the day before the classes start, in that way you will avoid these problems.

You don’t have right supplies for the class

school-suppliesYou like to catch notes using the laptop, but professor announces that laptops aren’t allowed in the classroom, you start to worry because you don’t have a notebook and a pen. Relax, usually, the first classes are meant for introduction, or professor might share with you a mini-lesson so that you won’t miss too much. You might ask the person sitting next to you if he has an extra pen and paper, you’ll never know, he might be your next new friend.

Should you dine alone?

You are in the cafeteria, but your friends haven’t arrived yet, you are scanning for the empty place, should you dine alone or wait aside? You shouldn’t feel embarrassed to eat alone because no one cares if you are alone or with a bunch of people. After all, who has the right to judge you. Students don’t usually pay attention to other people when are in the middle of the meal of conversation.

You have much of free time

Your classes are finished in a record time and now you don’t know what you are supposed to do with the rest of your day. Well, that’s the beauty of the college, run some errands, explore more or make new friends.

Adjusting to college life – tips

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Adjusting to college life – tips

Every young person who’s entering into college life has many thought and questions about what lies ahead of him. Each new student is excited about this new beginning, as well as his parents, friends, and relatives. He stops being his teenage child and moves to adulthood. Some of the parents may express their unfulfilled wishes through your college application. When the feelings and expectations connect at the same time, then this can be an exciting and frightening experience.

Once you finish high school and enroll in college, you will be entering in young adult age and this requires from you to establish a new identity, at the same time you will encounter with new emotions and you will have to learn to master them. The college will shape you and you will have to have the strong sense of adaptability and flexibility to handle this transition.Cap-and-gown-photo-760x320

Moving into a new city and meeting new friends means leaving behind everything that’s secure and familiar and this will frighten you at the beginning. With the time, once you progress through the college, this sense of fear will disappear. But how to overcome those few first months and to adapt to the new environment?

23854If you manage your time well, it will give you a good start for all of your tasks. If you have organized a schedule, you will be able to set up your priorities and your days won’t be wasted.

The health should be your top priority. If you implement healthy habits in your everyday routine, you will be able to prevent illness and any health problems that may occur.

If you are not sure where to go, or what to do, ask for help. Sometimes fear may prevent you in this intention, but most important thing is to identify it and to face it. In the most situation, the fear will prevent you in intention to acquire a good information. Find someone who has solid answers, such as counselors. Even your parents, friends and professors might be able to assist you.

Having friends on whom you can rely is a great thing, that’s why the social outlet is so important. When the tough times come, friends are those who will support you, having them when you celebrate something is even better. If you surround yourself with a good friend, you will feel better mentally and physically.

Freshman’s-Guide-to-Coping-with-College-Life-MascotPassinoCharge you batteries back home. The college life can be a wonderful experience, but you should always remember your base and your safety net. Going back home on a weekend can give you a much-needed break from the everything. The comfort of your home will make you safe and give you enough strength to go through the semester.

Make some time for relaxation. Even though it’s important to stay on top of your task, it won’t do you any good if you can’t make a time to relax and to enjoy the thing you like to do. Slow down a bit. Otherwise, you will lose yourself in a process.

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