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How should college look like – professor’s tips

How should college look like – professor’s tips

By on May 26, 2016 in College Life, University Tips |

The first semester is crucial in the process of studying

A large number of students testify about their biggest regret and that’s the first semester. They damaged so much their GPA during the first semester that they spend the rest of the studying trying to recover it. Many factors influence on this: too much time spent in front of the television and parties, parents don’t control them like at home, they expect their professors to be like teachers in high school.

Professors cannot be your teachers

Teachers are specially trained personnel to educate while professors aren’t. They spend their years conducting research, publishing and writing papers and among that teaching students, but that’s rarely their concern. They don’t want to teach them, but to expand their previous knowledge. The most important thing is to interact with a professor, ask him about his research, even the toughest one will break down. If you are interested in that matter, offer him your assistance in the lab, he might even pay you. Use office hours, through office hours; professors measure how much the students are interested in their subject. You may even get the letter of recommendation, and you will have a unique opportunity to hear an expert’s opinion.

Get ahead

July-25_13_How-to-Get-Ahead-with-your-Business-2College classes are much massive and cover more material compared to high school classes. If a student falls behind, it will be much harder for him to make up for the missed. If you want to avoid this situation, then you shouldn’t neglect your starts. Prepare your studying material in advance, before the semester begins, go through few first chapters, find syllabi online and research which material is proper. Staying two weeks ahead through whole semester will give you an excellent initial start. If you fall behind one or two weeks, you can compensate it in the office hours.

Don’t delay your responsibilities

3e03facPutting off your responsibilities may severely damage you GPA. Modern life if full of temptations and combine with a high level of freedom that students get while in college, may put off their career or even stop their studying. If you spend too much time online, use tools to block the sites that distract you. Get rid of technology while studying, avoid TV, don’t study in bed, go to the library. If your major is computer science, use Linux through your first semester.

Keep an eye

Pay attention to your lectures, don’t use your tablets, phones or computers in classes or while studying. If you catch notes on a laptop, shut down wi – fi.

Take care of yourself

Woman-MeditatingDon’t neglect your health; mental health is equally important as physical. Have a regular diet, avoid eating snacks, fast food, too much coffee and beer. Have a regular sleep, without it; you won’t be able to function. The key thing is to stay balanced, to eat healthy food, to sleep well and to exercise to keep your body in shape.

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