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Five problems that await you first day in college

Five problems that await you first day in college

By on May 26, 2016 in College Life, University Tips |

Probably, ever since you started high school, your parents pressed you about your college choice and what are your plans for the future. But now when that day is here, and you are starting your first day in college they don’t want to see you gone.

Once you set up your room, meet some new people, you are still nervous because you don’t know what else awaits you, don’t stress out too much because we will present you five possible scenarios that you still might be able to avoid.

You woke up late

teen-late-for-school-rexImagine the situation; you set up five different alarms to make sure you’d wake up on time for your classes and yet, you still to managed to oversleep and wake up late. Don’t worry; it’s not the end of the world, many professors will understand you because you are a freshman. They all know that freshmen are out of their mind due to a new environment, new obligations, and responsibilities. The way to avoid this type of situation will be, prepare your clothes for the following day and set up your handbag, in case you are late, you only have to hop in in your clothes and grab your bag.

Can’t find the right way to your class

You hurry from your dorm to make on time for classes, you are excited and nervous, your feelings are all over the place and in that fuss you manage to get lost, and you can’t find the right way to your classes. Don’t worry, there is a solution for that, try to find someone who looks older and friendly, ask him politely for directions, just remember that everyone have been in the same situation before you. You can also explore the academic building the day before the classes start, in that way you will avoid these problems.

You don’t have right supplies for the class

school-suppliesYou like to catch notes using the laptop, but professor announces that laptops aren’t allowed in the classroom, you start to worry because you don’t have a notebook and a pen. Relax, usually, the first classes are meant for introduction, or professor might share with you a mini-lesson so that you won’t miss too much. You might ask the person sitting next to you if he has an extra pen and paper, you’ll never know, he might be your next new friend.

Should you dine alone?

You are in the cafeteria, but your friends haven’t arrived yet, you are scanning for the empty place, should you dine alone or wait aside? You shouldn’t feel embarrassed to eat alone because no one cares if you are alone or with a bunch of people. After all, who has the right to judge you. Students don’t usually pay attention to other people when are in the middle of the meal of conversation.

You have much of free time

Your classes are finished in a record time and now you don’t know what you are supposed to do with the rest of your day. Well, that’s the beauty of the college, run some errands, explore more or make new friends.

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