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Survive your first day at campus using these excellent tips

Survive your first day at campus using these excellent tips

By on May 26, 2016 in College Life, University Tips |

Starting a new college life can be a challenging experience, first of all, you’ll be separated from your friend and family, and if you enrolled in a distant college, you would be surrounded by strangers. Your first days will the hardest; that’s why we designed a list of things to help you survive this stressful situation.

Your dorm room door should stay open

As you should know, open door policy is a pretty common thing in college. It’s a fun way to meet new people and to introduce yourself. “Open door” has the same meaning as an inviting resident who likes to talk. If you want to make friend fast, then this is a probably the quickest way.

54f60028eb914_-_01-box-of-stuff-lgn-35519766Deal with your stuff as soon as you can

The only way to avoid being homesick is to move in your dorm properly. Don’t delay this because it’s going to be a real nightmare getting used it afterward. Set up our room immediately and give your parents the empty boxes and suitcases. Your room should feel homey and welcoming and not an empty shell.

Get to know your campus

45704scr_c03f39a2b707ef5Once you finished with unpacking, it’s time to go on exploring. It doesn’t matter whether you will be exploring the facilities where your classes will be or the facilities where you can spend some free time, the important thing is to orient yourself on campus, and you will feel like you are at home.

You shouldn’t spend your first night alone

Whether it’s a party on your floor or some guys are gathering to watch a movie, make sure to be a part of that group. You don’t want to feel isolated and alone because your goal is to meet as many people as you can.

It’s ok not to make any good friends

how-to-choose-good-friends-517x268-PS131220_cah_0617You can’t expect anyone you meet to be your BFF. Through your college experience, you will meet different type of people, some of them will be good, some not so good. Most college students change various groups of people before they settle with the appropriate one. After all, you will have four years to meet wonderful friends.

Your mom may get on your nerves, but let her

Your mom will want to know everything about your new life and she will worry all the time, but let her be, after all, that’s her job, to be a mom. She will want to help you unpack your things and vacuum your room, indulge her because it will be hard for her being separated from you.

You feel nervous, big deal; everyone else is too

16ecff99-71ba-4b12-ad0e-9fdb08b5dff6On the first sight, elder students may seem relaxed, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t freaking out inside. This is a new experience for every student, remember, you are not alone in this mess because everyone else is feeling homesick or worried about making new friends. You will have to be a mentally strong person not to feel all of these.

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